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March 24, 2014



Clothes / Clothing / Apparel / Fashion (International)
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Dorothy Perkins

Here's an International selection of stores that sell clothing for tall women. Most of them offer pants with at least a 34" inseam and shirts with extra long sleeves. I'm always looking to add new stores to the link list.

Please use The Forum to comment on your experience with shops / retailers listed below. Perhaps we can set up some sort of "satisfaction ratings" there... Thanks to Liz for the suggestion!

If you find any links here that don't satisfy you as a tall woman please let me know so I can check again. (I haven't got a clue when it comes to women's sizes so I need your help!)

Please check the USA Section as well. Companies with the symbol ship worldwide.

Long Tall Sally UK Long Tall Sally Deutschland GAP UK Your banner here?

Australia | Canada | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | India | Italy | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Russia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom | USA

Australia (Back top)

 Canada (Back top)

  • Reitman's have selected stores with a "tall collection".
  • Hye Fashion - Clothing for tall women, accessories for tall women
  • Ricki's - sells 36" pants. You can either order online (and pay the shipping and handling) or order from the store (no shipping and handling and it arrives at your home). Not all of the stores do this, so one must call ahead (Scarborough Town Centre location in Ontario, Scarborough is one of the participating locations). Searching hint: Search for '36" pants' and view the items with the 'Available in 4 lengths' sign across the picture.
  • Altesse - Vetements Grandes Femmes (Facebook Group)
  • Lululemon Athletica - "They have tight fitting pants all the way to casual yoga pants (loose fitting). The inseam is at least 37", because I have a 36" inseam and they hit the floor. The quality is excellent and they are super comfortable. They are expanding across Canada and into the US." says 6'4"Jennifer.
  • Sell internationally Method Boutique - formerly Long Legs is a Canadian fashion label that has stayed focused on serving the unique needs of the Tall Women's market. We are a renowned specialty store dedicated to merchandise leadership and superior customer service. Our fits and fabrics are edited and adjusted to accentuate the features of the tall woman to enhance her confidence and style. We also sell shoes up to a size 13! (Facebook Group)
    Exclusive to tallwomen.org visitors: Free Shipping on orders over $ 150.00 in North America - enter promo code JR150!

Denmark (Back top)

Finland (Back top)

France (Back top)

  • Nous Les Grandes 
  • GrandioZ Long Tall Fashion - "Vêtements pour la femme grande"
  • GAP France
  • Ma-Grande-Taille.com - 1er comparateur de la Mode Grande Taille
  • Grand Shopping - a new shopping guide for tall people in France (by the people who run the French Tall People's Club "Altitudes").
  • Grande et belle - Fashion for tall women. Marc, the owner, says: "We provide quality products and mostly pants up to US size 38 with up to 1.05m inside leg, jeans length 36 & 38 & 40, vests and more depending on availability. Also we have some shoes from size 8 uk / 42 french to 12 / 49."

Germany (Back top)

India (Back top)

Italy (Back top)

Mexico (Back top)

  • Ship internationally Maraña - "De México para el mundo, por fin Jeans y accesorios diseñados especialmente para mujeres altas." We are a Mexican company, our Maraña Jeans are specially designed for tall women and manufactured with the best fit, design and denim quality. We ship worldwide and you can follow us on Facebook. (Spanish and English)

Netherlands (Back top)

GAP Netherlands

New Zealand (Back top)

Russia (Back top)

Spain (Back top)

GAP Espana

La Redoute Espana

Sweden (Back top)

  • GAP Sverige
  • Fjallraven - 6'1" Ali who recommended them says: "At last, tall women can also buy long walking trousers!!!"
  • 6feet4 - a new Swedish website. Their motto is "fashion for personality"
  • Ellos - has some pants / jeans with longer inseams

Switzerland (Back top)

Copper Couture

United Kingdom (Back top)

USA (Back top)



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